Don't reinvent the wheel.

Maximage2 is a fullscreen background slideshow plugin that uses jQuery Cycle plugin for it's slideshow functionality.

This example shows what happens if you call Maximage2 without any custom options. It is the simplest way to use Maximage and rely's on both Maximage's option defaults and jQuery Cycle Plugin's default options.

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Basic Example Screenshot

This demo explains how easy it is to use jQuery Cycle options as well as some of the best of Maximage2. You can see how callback functions are used as well as speed, fx, timeout, paging and really any other jQuery Cycle option.

This demo also uses Maximage2's custom helper function that allows for any element in the slideshow to be maximized like the background images in the slides. In this case we maximize an HTML5 video in our slideshow.

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Customized Example Screenshot

I wanted a way to show off how Maximage2 allows you to maximize images within containing elements too, not just the browser window. You just pass a selector to the Maximage2's "fillElement" option and you are good to go.

It also uses a different fx from jQuery Cycle to show how easy that is.

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FillElement Example Screenshot

The "backgroundSize" Maximage2 can either be a string ('cover' or 'contain') to determine how the image fills the container. Cover fills every available space with the image while contain maximizes the image within the space but does not exceed the space.

These are going to be the two most common scenario, but it is very possible that someone may need some different functionality. Well Maximage2 allows you to write your own function here and this is an example of how that is done.

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Custom Backgroundsize Example Screenshot

Maximage2 can be used as a tool to make almost anything a fullscreen background element very easily. This example shows how it can be used to create a background HTML5 video. It even maximizes the flash fallback so it works back to IE7.

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HTML5 Video Background Screenshot